Whether the move is local or long distance, here are a few things to help you settle in!


The Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce has put together some excellent guides to answer your questions about living, working, and playing in Los Alamos:

Relocation Guide  Restaurant Guide  Adventure Guide


  • Q: I need to setup internet what providers are available?

    A: Comcast, CenturyLink, and LANET (Chapel Apartments only)

  • Q: I’m having trouble with my cell phone reception in Los Alamos. What service do you recommend?

    A: Verizon and T-Mobile work well in Los Alamos

  • Q: Where can I rent a moving truck?

    A: The closest truck rental is in Espanola (30 min away). U-Haul’s available at Gil’s Rental and Fast & Furious.

  • Q: Where can I rent a storage unit in Los Alamos?

    A: J & L Self Storage and Vans LLC

  • Q: What daycares and preschools are available in Los Alamos?

    A: Chamber of Commerce: Los Alamos Daycare

  • Q: What K-12 schools are available in Los Alamos?

    A: Los Alamos Public Schools – Preparing Confident Life-Long Learners

  • Q: Is public transportation available?
  • Q: How do you open a bear proof dumpster?

    A: Bear Resistant Carts/Dumpsters - Los Alamos County